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Lincoln Painting Pros

Painting Contractors Lincoln, NE

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Are you looking to repaint your home or add a fresh coat of paint? Not looking forward to climbing the ladders or the uneven paint job that your DIY may result in? With the help of a licensed and qualified professional painter, you don’t have to worry about a thing! As the premier painters in Nebraska, Lincoln Painting Pros offers the area’s top standard of expert house painting solutions, ranging from standard exterior painting to interior painting, and delivered to both homeowners and commercial property owners alike.

If you want the best professional painter Lincoln has, then you’ve come to the right company!

About Us

Lincoln Painting Pros are delighted to offer the city’s most reliable and trusted professional painting services. Whether it’s house painting, commercial painting, exterior painting, interior painting, wall painting, outdoor painting, kitchen painting, or bathroom painting, we make it easy to restore your home’s potential and bring out the colors that inspire you. Giving your home a fresh coat of paint can offer unbeatable levels of comfort and happiness to your living space – so let us be the ones that deliver that!

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    Our Services

    If you've ever thought to yourself, "I wish I could find the best house painters near me that don't charge a fortune," then you've found the best company to do exactly that! Here at Lincoln Painting Pros, we're dedicated to offering professional painters that are ready for house painting and related projects and are eager to give you a great deal on such services.

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    staining the wood board
    room is under construction

    Interior Painting

    Interior painting services are provided to clients who are looking to add fresh color and new life to their property’s interiors. Whether it’s removing wallpaper and painting new paint, or it’s painting over an existing color, we help you achieve stunning results by prepping and priming the walls, painting over the surface with your desired color, and finishing it off with a topcoat that prevents fading and deterioration. We can paint interior doors and offer the best interior painting in Lincoln.

    Exterior Painting

    Exterior painting services are available for your exterior structures and the outside of your home. We can offer thorough painting solutions for the sides of your home, including your home’s wood, siding, brick, fascias, soffits, and more. We paint the exterior of your home and do all that we can to bring out your home’s outer appearance and enhance its structural beauty. We can also paint other surrounding structures, such as your mailbox, steps, stairs, and any landscape features that require concrete paint.

    main paints the edges of the roof
    man paints the metal stairs
    man putting tapes on the wall

    Commercial Painting

    Commercial painting services are delivered to our commercial clients that manage large-scale properties that likely have more space to cover with paint. Because of the size of the properties, we send a team of our trusted commercial painters to take on the job and complete it thoroughly and with attention to detail. We provide clean lines, no mess, and fresh color to your commercial property for both interior and exterior painting.


    Drywall repairs and installation services are also available and able to offer you solutions to maintain your drywall for longer. We can assist in hanging the drywall panels, securing them in place, and repairing any impact damages that have occurred, filling any holes, and clearing up any imperfections. The drywall can then be painted as well and offer your home’s interiors maximum support.

    painting the outside wall
    staining the wood planks
    installing the ceiling board

    Deck Staining

    Deck staining services are delivered to those that are looking to enhance the depth and beauty of their deck. Staining a deck is achieved by adding a safe-to-use color stain to the top of the deck’s wood. The color lightly penetrates the wood and alters its hue, adding more dimension and color quality to the wood. Once dried, the wood is then finished and has a seal added to the top to prevent the color from fading or running.

    Industrial Painting

    Industrial painting services are great for those looking to paint their industrial property, tools, or machinery or simply need painting services for industrial-grade environments. In such cases, we can offer floor coatings, concrete paint, garage floor paint, epoxies, and other water-resistant and heat-resistant paints that are suitable for any industrial setting.

    “I had been looking for ages for a company that could offer floor coatings for my garage turned home workspace. I’m so glad I found Lincoln Painting Pros, as they offer a range of house painting and interior painting services that are great for any space, and for me – garage floor paint. Can highly recommend them if you need similar paint jobs completed around your home too!” – Daniel W.

    “I didn’t want to take on the job of painting my house by myself, so I called the guys at Lincoln Painting Pros, since they were the best-rated painters near me, and they provided me with professional exterior house painting at an affordable cost. They were really friendly and welcoming to me as a first-time client as well, which made the experience that much better. Definitely the best exterior painting Lincoln has to offer!” – Rodney G.

    “After our home had some major water damages from flooding, we needed practically every room painted again. The team at Lincoln Painting Pros was able to offer us full support and could do everything from painting kitchen cabinets to wall painting to bathroom painting. They were fantastic and really care about how your home looks on both the inside and outside. It’s nice to have a team like that to turn to!” – Carol T.

    Contact Us Today

    If you’re interested in learning more about our professional painting services or would like to schedule a consultation with one of our painters to discuss your options in further detail, then be sure to reach out to us via our two main forms of contact: telephone and email. If you give us a call, you’ll be connected to a member of our customer service team, who can answer any questions you have about our services and give you more feedback on which ones would likely fulfill your needs. We can also provide free quotes through the contact form on our homepage.